Gruppo Boscolo Bielo, 3 generations of passion

Our company is named after its founder Ivano Boscolo Bielo, an entrepreneur born in Sottomarina.

gruppo boscolo bielo

Where it all began

Inspired by his grandfather Palmiro and his father Angelo, who used to transport sand from the rivers Brenta and Piave to Venice, Ivano, known as “Boscoletto”, started driving his first boat, the Virgilio, at the age of 14. At the age of 23, he bought one of the first iron arks in the Lagoon used to transport building materials and rubble, which he called the Spalviero.

This was the beginning of Ivano Boscolo Bielo’s entrepreneurial journey, a young man who treasures his family’s teachings and the dedication passed on by his grandfather and father.

The quay that consecrates the company

In 1990, Ivano Boscolo Bielo obtained a concession for a portion of quay in the Scomenzera canal. The company expanded its business in 1991 from the transport sector to the sale of building materials. Thus the company took part in major works and renovation projects such as the reconstruction of the Fenice Theatre and the restoration of the Molino Stucky.

Ivano Boscolo Bielo’s ability to read and anticipate market demands confirms the solidity of his company in times of change. Thanks to the breadth of its services, it also supports the most prestigious events taking place in Venice with logistics management: from the Carnival to the Boat Show.

New millennium, new challenges

From 2000 onwards, the company bet on the tourism sector. The renovation of the Hotel Antiche Figure transformed a small palace on the Grand Canal into a three-star superior structure with 30 rooms. Subsequently, the Hotel Canal Grande was born, a luxurious four-star location overlooking Venice’s main canal.

In 2009, the entrepreneur chose to do something for Sottomarina, his home town. With the purchase of the Mosella complex and the completion of its renovation and redevelopment in 2019, an exclusive space was born. The Mosella Suite Hotel will face the Mosella Dock and the more than 300 sailing and motor boats housed there. In 2020, a year of stalemate for the world economy, the refurbishment of the Bar Indiga is a sign of hope. A well-known seasonal bar has now become a meeting place open 365 days a year with catering services and an artisanal ice cream parlour.

terrazzo con vista sul mare

A single point of contact for the area

In 2018, with the constant aim of improving the daily lives of those living in Venice and the surrounding area, the company expanded into the medical sector. The strategic location of Piazzale Roma, easily reachable from any area, hosts Bielo Hub, the multi-floor outpatient clinic, with a department entirely dedicated to physiotherapy and a team of qualified doctors and healthcare professionals, as well as state-of-the-art machinery.

Since 2020, the Boscolo Bielo Group is also a partner in the real estate sector in Sottomarina, thanks to the renovation of a dated residence, which has now been transformed into a residential complex equipped with all kinds of comfort.

“If there is one thing that has never changed over the years, it’s my passion for work”

Ivano Boscolo Bielo

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